Featured Services

Featured Services

Thank you for visiting the website of Mariana C. Elwell, DDS, where we specialize in helping you maintain your oral health and improve your smile!  We pride ourselves on providing exceptional, innovative dental care in a low-stress environment, and we offer a variety of services that will exceed your expectations.  We welcome new patients, and look forward to providing the quality dental care you need and deserve.  For your convenience, we offer early morning, evening, and Saturday appointment hours at our office at 6 Atlantic Street in Bridgeton, NJ, located on the corner of Atlantic and Commerce streets in a welcoming Victorian home.  We’re glad you visited our site!  We look forward to serving your oral healthcare needs.

Connection between Oral Health and Overall Health

As the daughter of a medical doctor and a doctor of acupuncture, Dr. Elwell embraces the connection between oral health and overall health, and she often collaborates with other medical professionals for optimal patient care.  As a life-long student of dentistry, Dr. Elwell is committed to a lifetime of continuing dental education. She is a graduate of an intensive post-doctorate hospital-based general practice residency which trained her in innovative clinical techniques, and expanded her understanding of treating the whole person through the practice of dentistry.  Get acquainted with Dr. Elwell and learn more about her background under Meet the Doctor on this website. 

Holistic Approach with Innovative Technology

Each of our staff members are warm and friendly, but we also utilize the latest advances in high-technology dental care. Your comfort and safety are our primary concern, and we use the highest grade BPA-free composite resin filling materials available for aesthetically pleasing, safe, dental restorations.  CariVu is our compact, caries detection device that uses laser trans-illumination technology to identify decay, failing, aging dental restorations, and cracks in teeth without the use of x-ray radiation.  With CariVu and our high quality intra-oral camera, you can see what we see, magnified on a large screen so that we can help you understand our diagnosis and proposed treatment.   Laser-assisted periodontal therapy allows us to remove diseased gum tissue with pinpoint accuracy, leaving healthy tissue intact, and also reduces bleeding and pain for a quicker and more comfortable recovery.  Learn more about these innovative therapies here on our website, and ask us for details when you call and visit our office.

Aesthetically Pleasing Results

Do you envy those dazzling white smiles?  Modern cosmetic dentistry has put a radiant, healthy smile within your reach.  Dr. Elwell offers a wide variety of cosmetic options including thin veneers, smile design, recontouring the shape of the teeth, composite bonding, and strong, metal-free, natural looking ceramic/porcelain crowns.  She also performs laser-assisted boost whitening for a faster, more vibrant result. Dr. Elwell can close small dental gaps and treat orthodontic relapse with clear orthodontic retainers, giving you a straighter, more confident smile without the discomfort and embarrassment of traditional braces.  If your smile isn’t your best feature, schedule a cosmetic consultation by calling our office at 856-455-4095, and learn more about cosmetic dentistry here at mcelwelldds.com.

Gum Disease and Health Problems

Healthy teeth rely on healthy gums and bones for support.  If left untreated, periodontal, or gum disease, can result in the loss of otherwise healthy adult teeth.  Gum disease has also been linked to multiple health problems such as heart disease, pre-term birth, diabetes, arthritis and chronic lung diseases.  Your mouth is the gateway to your body.  Dr. Elwell will work closely with your physician and treat diseased teeth and gums to help ensure your overall health and a future healthy smile.  As an advanced-trained doctor of dental surgery, Dr. Elwell also performs complex emergency oral surgery extractions, bone grafts, periodontal surgery, and biopsies.

Highly Successful Dental Implants

If you have broken or missing teeth, welcome to the modern world of dental implants!  Dental implants substitute for the roots of missing teeth, serving as a permanent foundation for replacement teeth, or a stable anchor for dentures.  With dental implants, the long-term success rates of your restored smile are exceedingly high. You’ll also regain the look, feel, and function of your natural teeth, allowing you to speak and smile with confidence, and enjoy your favorite foods again.  Dr. Elwell performs implant restorations in collaboration with your oral implantology surgery team.  Schedule a consultation with Dr. Elwell today for you dental implant needs.

TMJ and Sleep Apnea

Do you have headaches, upper body muscle pain, earaches, head and neck discomfort, clicking, or popping in the jaw?  The problem could be the temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction problems.  Dr. Elwell will complete a comprehensive TMJ examination with you, which includes a TMJ health questionnaire, jaw movement measurements, head and neck muscles palpation tests, and jaw joint imaging to help determine the source of your symptoms. Proposed treatment options will vary based on your individual symptoms and diagnosis.  If you snore loudly, grind your teeth, and/or sleep poorly, you may have undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Dr. Elwell will complete a sleep apnea screening assessment with you, work closely with your physician and sleep specialist, who can appropriately diagnose OSA, and determine if an oral airway mouth appliance is right for you. Schedule a consultation with her today.

Early Orthodontic Treatment

Please enquire about early orthodontic treatment. This section is currently in progress.

Botox and Derma Fillers

Please enquire about Botox and derma fillers treatments. This section is currently in progress.

Financing Options

Budgeting for dental care can be a challenge, and we can help!  We accept a variety of insurance plans, credit cards, and offer payment plans.  We also work with Care Credit, and offer in-office financing options to provide low-cost payment options for your convenience.  Please ask us how we can help you plan for the care you need and deserve by calling our office today.  We’re glad you chose our practice for your comprehensive dental care.  We look forward to assisting you and your family today.

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